Saturday, 5 November 2011

Changes are Afoot!

Our Realm has been getting some wonderful updates lately. We hope these changes will be bring a freshness to the sim and to the community we love.

One of the changes was to the Dragon in the Catacombs. Not long ago the difficulty of the dragon was increased for those who have 500 or more kills. He's faster and does more damage. The difficulty remains as it was for the other levels. Are you up to the challenge?

Another change is to the sim itself. New textures have been added, new landscaping and even a new "friend" in the graveyard area. More changes are coming to the look of the sim in the next couple weeks. Come by and take a look, it really is beautiful!

Rumor has it there are other changes coming in the near future. The floating island will be home to a new challenge and there are whispers of a dark presence trying to gain entry into Avalon. If you listen carefully around the sim you just might get hints as to what's to come. I'm really excited to see all this happening and hope you are, too!

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