Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Avalon Knighthood

It's certainly been a long time since we posted on the Scribe, so we'd like to welcome you back with an information post about Knighthood on Avalon.

Many of you may have seen us around the sim, the "Knight of Avalon" badge makes it fairly obvious. But if you had any doubts or confusion as to who we are and what we do, or what it's like to be a Knight, let me give you a little insight into us.

First and foremost, being a Knight is not a position of power or privilege. First, and before all other things, being a Knight is about personal sacrifice and responsibility. Knights are expected to act as servants and guardians of the Realm of Avalon, including putting members of the community before their own needs and working hard to keep everyone together and happy.

How exactly do we do this? Over the years, many of us have found different ways to make our Knighthood unique and provide the community with a sense of ourselves when we are seen amongst them.

Personally, I Mercurio am known as the event creator and host on Avalon; most of the events you see I make happen. My favourite so far has to be the murder mystery event, where we stage a story involving a murder of a member of Avalon and our citizens must solve it. I enjoy creating new traps for the citizens to enjoy also, for example I recently made a fire trap, rock trap and spider trap for your enjoyment! You'll also know me as a writer; much of the dialogue you see I've either written or edited. I enjoy very much giving life to the characters on the sim by making them speak.

Angel shows great kindness and energy with Avalon. She has a lot of love for the community and the realm, as well as myself her husband. You can see how much she cares about Avalon simply by talking to her. Angel has hosted many balls in the past for Avalon too, as a fae she enjoys dancing very much. Angel has acted as my inspiration and fortitude for many years, and what we bring to one another we bring to Avalon too. Angel is also a swift hand of justice; make sure you behave, because let me tell you that fae magic isn't always flowers and sunshine: it can really, really hurt!

Skyler is a proud and caring Knight, who many of you know to be a fun character and personally I think she has many great ideas. Often I've been puzzled about something, looking for that extra pinch of magic and you can bet Skyler will come up with a solution. We also have Skyler to thank for providing our newbies with medieval clothes when they step into the sim. Skyler is probably one of the most level-headed Knights, and always likes to consider a situation thoroughly before forming an opinion.

Wolverine many know as our most energetic Knight, and as a wielder of magic. Wolve loves his spells; whenever he visits us, he doesn't go long without launching some mighty and punishing magic! It's obvious to any member of the community that Wolve believes in the people. I've come to know Wolve as a source of many unusual and interesting tools; for example, when recently we announce an execution event he pulled out an amazing guillotine! That's our Wolve I said!

Vinderex is definitely one of the most proud Knights you can encounter. He's come to take the mantle of dress code prosecutor; if you dare to show up at Avalon wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you better change into something medieval fast or Vinny is going to eat you! Vinderex has contributed many great ideas for combat and served as a hand of justice in the Realm. Many of you know Vinderex' legendary appetite; how many people has he in fact eaten on Avalon, I wonder? Dozens I'm sure. Hungry dragon for sure!

Gabi is our newest Knight, and as such is still forming her identity as one. I've seen her to be very eager and willing to participate in events and is always happy to lend a helping hand. Gabi also has great curiosity, always wanting to know more about the machinations and plots afoot upon Avalon. Gabi is always the first to want to jump into new experiences on Avalon; I don't know how many times Gabi has excitedly volunteered to jump into my evil killer traps!