Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wandering Fae Visits Darklife

Our Angel has been exploring again and has written an article about Navora for us to enjoy.


DarkLife, SL's First Fantasy MMO

Mercurio and I first visited DarkLife back in March and we instantly loved it. It's a fantasy sim in an MMO style.The game has 3 basic classes: Light Mage (a healer and buffer), Dark Mage (a typical elemental magic class), and Warrior.There are also hybrid classes: Gray Mage (a mix of light and dark magic ;p), Battle Mage (a dark mage with stronger armor, but less mana) and Paladin (a warrior with light magic, my personal favorite)

There are monsters to battle which earns you experience, gold and drops. The gold you earn is used for buying spells,weapons, potions, armor and enchancements. You can also take the weapon and armor scripts and use your own weapons if you prefer. For PvP lovers there's also an area where you can duel to the death and earn PvP points, or you can battle at your home. Be warned the PvP automatically kicks in if you are wearing the backpack when you tp in most places, so be careful. Merc's died at my hand a couple times that way...*whistles innocently*.
The backpack you need to get started costs $L499, but after that all the potions, weapons, armor, etc. are purchasedwith the gold you get from monster drops. The backpack includes the DarkLife HUD and a starting shield and sword.
Here's the SLURL if you like to take a look around, maybe you'll run into Merc and I there :).

Who is this charming fellow? Perhaps I'll ask him to tea.

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