Tuesday, 23 June 2009

How to survive a Dragon encounter

The giant, scaled mythical beast of legends may seem awe inspiring and fear provoking at first; but never fear, for the Knights are here to train you in Dragon combat.

Before you face the dragon, you have presumably found a means to enter his lair, and found your sword and shield. Take note: if you enter with a wooden training sword and shield, the dragon will roast them with his fire breath and you along with them.

Combat with the dragon is best described as real time strategy mixed with RPG. Combat ensues via the HUD; you will have a sword icon, and a shield icon, and these are used to do battle. Touch the sword icon to attack the dragon; green particles will go to your avatar from a part of the dragon's body. You must click the part of the dragon the green particles came from to strike him with your sword.

To block, you will see red lines come towards you from the dragon. This means an attack against you is imminent. It will either come from claws or the head; if coming from the head, pay special attention because it could be a fire attack; these strike for double or triple the damage of other attacks. Click the shield icon on your HUD, then click the part of the dragon's body where the attack came from, thus blocking it and preventing damage.

There are attack dummies in the castle, you can use these to test the combat system.

The best thing to do in a Dragon battle is focus on the blocking. Can't very well return an attack when the dragon has eaten you, can you? To play it safe, only try to attack with the sword immediately after blocking an attack, or when you see he is currently busy attacking a team member (should you be fighting with another player).

Best of luck with your battle. Remember, if you are victorious, treasure awaits you in the chests hidden behind him; also, a Knight of Avalon will happily grant you the new title, Avalon Dragonslayer.

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