Monday, 4 May 2009

The Wandering Fae

(the following is a post by Angel)

Greetings! I am Angel, Knight of Avalon and I will be bringing tales of my many adventures around and outside of the Realm of Avalon. I'llbe reporting on interesting and fun medieval or fantasy sims as wellas fun things in Avalon. My wings do not stay still for long so keep checking back for updates.

Catacombs of Avalon

So, you've visited Avalon Island, explored the beautiful scenery, wandered into the Catacombs and been stung by hornets.

After a painful demise, you may begin to panic; but never fear, for I'll introduce you to the dangers and rewards of the Catacombs of Avalon.

First you can expect to arrive outside the gates of a large cemetery, filled with numerous graves and other various crypts. Perfect spot for someone to spend time right? We know it's creepy, but it's meant to be. You'll need to touch the dragon orb (it will appear as a rotating golden dragon symbol) for your Avalon HUD. Wear this, and you can enter the gates of the cemetery with spell protection (on the HUD, protection will appear as a golden dragon, unprotected silver. When unprotected, you may be eaten alive by various protective ghosts).

Upon entering the graveyard you need to search for clues, and figure out what exactly is the mystery around this place. Be aware, however, that there are numerous dangers; for example, the aforementioned Hornet's nest. Touch this at your peril, because you will annoy a swarm of hornets; you can guess the rest.

Never fear, though, for if you do die during the quest (and you most likely will) you simply need to teleport back to the entrance of the graveyard and you'll be ressurected. - Catacombs of Avalon

Guided Tours

New to the realm, and need some help? Check your group notices often, and you'll see the Squires host guided tours of the realm.

If you don't wish to tour, do be aware there are dangers in the first quest, the Catacombs of Avalon; you may find yourself disturbing a hornets' nest before long and running for your very second life. Do not despair, however, because if you "die" in the realm you simply have the option to teleport back to the entrance of the Catacombs and continue your quest.

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The Avalon Scribe

Welcome to the Avalon Scribe!

This is the place to be if you wish to see the latest news about Avalon, learn more about your community or simply have an interesting read. Articles will be posted here by other Knights and Squires of Avalon also, so keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the read.

I am Mercurio, a Knight of Avalon, often reffered to as the Chancellor. I'm often at the Catacombs of Avalon where numerous players enter combat with the Dragon, in search of glory and treasure.

If you haven't already, you can visit Avalon by following this SLURL:

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